Ida Nadzsal is an accomplished teacher who has achieved acclaim throughout Europe, India, England and the United States.

Her specialities include the psychology of communication, life skills training and healthy living with the triune systems of body, mind and spiritual awareness.

She has lead health seminars using her experiences as a nurse, natural health adviser, counselor, and mental health teacher to add insight to audiences around the world.

Ida Nadzsal authored a nice book, a little guide about how can you be aware of yourself, and what is valuable in life.

Ida Nadzsal is a master at self-healing not meaning magical healing, but in real helping every individual to understand themselves at all the levels. Her collection of diplomas shows her knowledge as a pre-school teacher, health promotion and mental health consultant, natural health adviser. She's attending at the University of Metaphysic Science majoring Holistic Life Couching Ph.D.

She has worked with many primary doctors, internal medicine, phsycologists in different cities to help diagnosing physical, mental and emotional problems. She has an extraordinary ability as she can see with the X-ray vision. She is using these skills during her analysis to diagnose people for the right treatment. When she worked with doctors she always had the right suggestions about patients. See the testimonials.

With the Hungarian Leela Foundation she has published twelve books on pedagogy, philosophy, meditation, self-awareness and behavior modification through character development (Enneagram).

Currently she is working on her new book.

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