"I thank you for your advice and treatment. You gave me hope for my diabetes and showed me what to eat and how to stay healthy. My ulcers were cured in only three of the "ion cleansing" treatments. I was very surprised at how fast these treatments cleansed my body and healed my ulcers."

Rodolfo – Florida, USA

"Ida is an angel. She has helped my diabetes and showed me how to exercise to improve my circulation. I never knew the reflexology treatments could cause such an improvement in my health."

Carl – Florida, USA

"I got to know Ida as a trainer, who, with her technique, makes the participants focus on themselves, gets them to discover the thoughts they have been collecting deep inside for long years that still seriously obstructing their problem solving until this day. What was very important for me is that I did not only get support to bring these old, deeply built-in problems to the surface, but with her methods she also helped me to find my own solution to get over them.

Since we know that the most important element of life is communication and it does matter how we communicate, the technique she taught me was of a great help. I learned how I can listen to others effectively! I believe that this is the most important part of my life, and if this works, I can solve many things. Acquiring of these things brought a significant change into my life. I simply listen to people, to my business partners in a different way. As a manager I can make a perfect use of these techniques. In the past years I attended several types of trainings, but I feel that Ida’s methods helped me most effectively in the solution of my problems."

Mary – Hungary

"I participated Ida's workshop called "The power of your intentions leading you – What is your relationship to money?" I took part in plenty of management, sales and personal development trainings during my career. I am constantly seeking the opportunities and the methods to develop myself and the thousands of colleagues working with me in the network (Sunrider) I direct. Amongst other things, at Ida’s workshop I learned the dyad technique which I can use effectively both in my personal and business relationships. I have not met such interpretation of communication anywhere else. Using the technique, the level of understanding improved to an unbelievable extent in my communication. I learned to listen to the other person, to talk clearly, to give feedback of what I understood.

I thought this training was so effective and useful, that I participated another one of her trainings, called Enlightenment (Satori) Intensive on March 2005. This helped me further to reveal and solve the obstacles within me. It also helped to discover my goals, my intentions and improve my openness. We kept in touch after the courses and it feels good that for Ida follow-up is also important. I owe many thanks to her and her helpers for the experience and the recognitions I had during her trainings."

George – Hungary

"During [her] 5 days long course we used the so-called "dyad" technique, in which two persons sitting face to face and communicate following the instructions of the leader. Thanks to the course and especially Ida, I'm able to see myself and other people in a clearer way and I can communicate in a more effective way. I think Ida did a very good job and helped a lot especially those who had arrived with emotional or communication difficulties from different levels of our society. I admired sometimes Ida how brilliantly she was able to handle difficult situations (for example emotional outbreaks) and how consequently and effectively she used the technique."

Csaba H. Phd., veterinarian, religion teacher – Hungary

"Ida appeared in my life one and a half years ago although not personally, but in the form of her book 'Sparkling Ice', and it was in the right time, the right place. Her book helped me to see my life from another view, to relate to my surroundings in a different way, to reduce the number of my problems, and to handle them better. The book inspired me to take the road towards a deeper and fuller understanding of myself. This directed me to a workshop that was lead by a friend of hers based on the dyad technics. I met Ida personally during a business trip to the US. The meeting reassured me, that the book and the writer are identical – she lives, sees, thinks and acts as she wrote it in her book. There is no compromise. There is no lie. There is only truth, because everything that is not the truth, is a lie.

It is strange that although I have known her for only one and a half years, it feels like I have got thousand of years ahead inside, and within that one-and-a-half-year-long thousand years I became a younger, more energetic, healthier, more cheerful, more honest, purer, more conscious, sometimes happier and more well-balanced person than I have ever been. Ida does not even know, that beside many other things, I can also thank her for the knowledge that for all these things I owe only myself, not her, not anyone else.

Ida does not direct my life when I go to her, but she listens to me, and if I get completely stuck, she can direct my attention to another possible way, taking which I have a better chance for recognizing my own inner obstacles. This is the most she (you or I) can do for another person."

Anna H. Phd., veterinarian – Hungary

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