Nadzsal Line Test for
Multi-Faceted Behavior Analysis

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What is this?

This is a new system of human behavior analysis discovered by Ida Nadzsal (also known as Laszlone Mester) in 1992. She has worked with many primary doctors internal medicine and psychologists in many different cities to provide assistance in the diagnosing of physical, mental and emotional problems. Ida has the extraordinary ability to view the inner workings of a patient almost as if she possessed x-ray vision. She uses this skill during patient examination to assist in the diagnosis and to help provide the correct treatment. As the included testimonials confirm, when Ida worked with doctors, her diagnosis of the patient's problem was usually always correct.

Ida Nadzsal is a master at teaching self-healing skills to her clients. This is not some type of magic. Instead, she helps individuals understand themselves at all the levels. Her collection of diplomas testifies to her extensive knowledge as a lecturer, a pre-school teacher, an instructor in illness prevention, a mental health consultant and a natural health adviser. In addition, she is always researching new ways for people to live a better, happier life. Currently, she is studying at the University of Metaphysical Science where she is seeking a Ph.D. in Holistic Life Coaching.

This technique uses a pictograph drawing of personality traits that is done with paper and physical activity such as folding, forming and explanation of perceived images. She then analyzes not only what the person has told her, but the many lines on the paper and recommends a course of action such as physician referral to a general practice or alternative practitioner for a course of treatment. This revolutionary new treatment merges known graphology test and pictograph analysis with line analysis for a more comprehensive research and diagnostic tool.

If you would like to take the above test, first print the (A4 format) test image to paper. Then take a pencil and do whatever you want with the printed sheet. When you have finished, contact Ida via email.

By looking at the lines and the shapes you made on the sheet, Ida will analyze:
• your communication skills
• your physical health
• how you feel when you are at home
• whether or not you are happy where you live and where you work
• your attitude about life and relationships
• your character roots and your perception of life
• your love life, whether you are truly in love or just infatuated.
Furthermore she will perceive your goals and your outlook for the future.

What she does is completely unique and not based on any other methodology. She has tested her theories on more than two thousand individuals, honing and verifying the validity of her methods.

The choice is yours. Once you have the document in hand, do what you will with it. Do whatever your mind and body tells you to do.

Her goal in the United States is to further expand her research and obtain a higher level of understanding of human behavior.

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