...To clean up our communication cycles and tell our truth, we must also protect people from unwanted contamination. We must let them be free from us.

For these goals the "Dyad" was created. The "Dyad" helps one obtain - pure - clean communication without the normally attached abuse. It will allow you to really grow in your own chosen direction and connect to your deep, normally hidden self.

The Dyad looks simple enough with two people sitting in chairs or on pillows on the floor facing each other a few feet apart. The Dyad in practice is difficult to achieve. It is not a conversation. The Dyad is a process of completing communication cycles and listening without judgment. The listening partner must try to remain neutral so that the active partner is left free to be either positive or negative. They need this relationship freedom to reclaim their natural internal freedom - to help them discover their true self - and the true nature of Life they are living. (They really don't need it - but they are confused - and the dyad helps them out of this confusion.)

In our "normal" conversation we are almost always giving people advice with one person tending to dominate the other. We don't "normally" know how to just listen. When we do listen we don't keep an open mind - instead we take sides. These "normal" conversation results in a level of abuse that creates and amplifies group thinking. Group thinking is a consensus agreement - everyone tries to think the same way and there is much emotional energy expended to keep everyone in line. All meaning is derived from the agreement with others. The Dyad is a process of interpersonal communication designed to prevent this abuse. (Source: Bill Savoie)

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